Heidi Gardner

Where are you from
I’m from Kansas City, Missouri.

What did you eat for breakfast
This morning I ate oatmeal with bananas and apples.

How do you take care of your body
I do Pilates three times a week. Stretch in the mornings. Drinks my greens. I mostly eat plant based. But I’ll throw a gummy worm in here and there.

Fave cereal
Omg fave cereal is so hard. It used to be Fruit Loops but now it’s a combo of Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the same bowl.

Best career advice
My career advice is to follow what made you happy as a kid. Usually it’s still the same stuff when you’re an adult. I think you’ll find your calling there.

Your newest hobby
Is taking baths a hobby?

What's your best nutrition advice
My best nutrition advice is eat and drink not only what makes you body feel good but your mind as well. If caffeine and sugar make you anxious, skip it. Save it for a night out.

Inspo behind your dressing room
My dressing room is my 16 year old bedroom basically. Every square inch covered in posters, pictures, and fandom.

What's your best skincare advice
Cut sugar and drink water for good skin.

Most ordered local restaurant delivery
Ramen Danbo - the Vegan Negi Goma Ramen and Vegan gyoza are the best.

Describe your morning routine
Wake-up, drink some sort of warm latte, breathe, stretch, read, eat, be creative. That’s when I’m in a good routine. Sometimes I fall off.

Describe your bedtime routine
Night: Floss, brush, wash face, watch the tv show Dallas and fall asleep on my left side with my kitty on my pillow.

What do you do when you're having a bad day
I get in the shower and let it feel like warm rain and cry it out.

What makes you laugh hardest
Right now, Tim Heidecker makes me laugh the most.

Who do you call the most
My friends Ego and Rashida.

What do you do to wind down
Watching sports helps wind me down. It’s so different from my work that I feel like I can truly disconnect.

What are you having for dinner
Chickpea Linguine with Rao’s Marinara and sautéed mushrooms. And then some Spicy Bjorn Corn.

When are you happiest
I’m happiest when I’m connecting with friends, family or my cats. Or being of service. And I love giving gifts. Oh and watching sports!