Imani Randolph

Where are you from
Albany, NY

What did you eat for breakfast
Leftover pad see ew :3

How do you take care of your body
A very serious regimen of scaling my 4th floor walk up and the stairs to the J train (the part that’s above ground, of course). Sometimes I do a Chloe Ting youtube workout and I recently got a CrossRope! My favorite way to take care of my body is resting though, tbh.

Fave wine
I think the Gia Coppola “SanGia” Red Blend is really tasty and not pretentious.

Best career advice
Slide into the DMs. Instagram messages led to some of my best internships and was a major step to me getting signed to my modeling agency.

Your newest hobby
I got a weaving loom for Christmas so I’m hoping that it sticks.

What's your best nutrition advice
Listen to your body! If something doesn’t make you feel your best, it’s time to cut it from your diet.

What's your best skincare advice
Consistency; you really have to stick with your regimen to see results.

Best place for a first date
Probably a daytime park hang. It doesn’t feel too date-y so there’s no fear of knocking your glass over at the table or getting food stuck in your teeth. Plus, if the conversation is getting dry, you can default to people watching.

Describe your morning routine
Snoozing my alarm and staying in bed 20 minutes longer than I should, then rushing to get ready.

Describe your bedtime routine
Cozying up with my laptop under the covers, nearly falling asleep, then forcing myself up to brush my teeth, wash my face, and take out my contacts.

When are you happiest
Goofing around with my parents. They’re the funniest people that I know.

What do you do when you're having a bad day
Put on a bombass outfit or internet shopping (depends on if the day started bad or got bad). Also, order a bodega grilled cheese (cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon is THE order btw).

What makes you laugh hardest
Curb Your Enthusiasm and this video

Who do you call the most
My mom, like three times a day. It’s too much, but I’m her only child so we have a bond like no other.

What do you do to wind down
It doesn’t take much; I’m notoriously for being able to fall asleep anywhere. As soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out.

What are you having for dinner
Pad see ew :3