Kyle May

Where are you from
Midland Park, NJ (picket fences golden retrievers bla bla boring)

What did you eat for breakfast
Some sort of veg and egg skillet with shameful amounts of butter, oh chili oil and an herb garnish always...then a bakery for something fun before lunch (shout out to frencette, saraghina, and marlows for keeping it going)

What do you eat the most?
My feelings

Why do you want to be the next food network star?    
I want to be the third in the Marta Stewart/snoop Dogg  thingy.    

How do you take care of your body
Not with the breakfasts I eat obviously, I guess surfing and work are exercise??? My sister says I need to stretch more

Fave wine     
That would be like picking my favorite child, which I don't have, so lets say a funky Lambrusco or anything Eastern European beyond that.

Best thing to cook to impress a lady friend

Pasta made from scratch for sure- I really like you if I am sweating to roll out some pasta dough and build a sauce.

Favorite camera
Honestly my Iphone probably; it's the only one that I always have with me- otherwise maybe Pentax 67. I don't know it changes about as often as I change my sheets; so really just often enough

Dream job
Firefighter but without all the toxic masculinity and what not

Your newest hobby   
Not eating enough Vegetables  

Then how do you poop?      
Always with my shirt off

Who is your favorite Kardashian?     

What's your best nutrition advice    
Eat whatever and balance it with exercise - Your doctor will tell you if the numbers are out of whack.

What's your best skincare advice    

Drink so much water always; and sunscreen every day on the face... Maybe something about grapefruits?? Allie Smith always has my back on that.

Best restaurant for first date    
Gray's Papaya on 40th and 8th. If they can't handle me at my worst.... But also the waverly inn is nice if you want to splurge- great Martini and OMG those scallops

Describe your morning routine
scream “carpe diem” at the top of my lungs at 6am as soon as my feet hit the floor. Also, Starting early morning tennis instruction which I am excited for.

Describe your bedtime routine      
I brush my teeth but then probably ruin it by eating a cookie and drinking a la croix, Get into bed either way too early or way too late depending on what I did that day- Scroll on instagram for 30 minutes while constantly telling myself that I hate instagram; Set an alarm for what is probably an ungodly hour and fall asleep. I got new pillows recently that make me fall asleep so fast but they also have been giving me crazy dreams.      

When are you happiest      
When there is a nice balance of chaos and solitude; I guess when I am traveling whether it is somewhere familiar or new. Like I love a hectic schedule, my roomate accuses me of loving Chaotic itineraries and quick turn-arounds to Europe 

What do you do when you're having a bad day      
A) Dissociate        
B) Turn off my phone      
C) Call my Dad      
D) Do something for myself      
E) All of the above

What makes you laugh hardest
Loves a good niche meme but also life in general. "Life Imitates Art..."-Oscar Wilde

Who do you call the most

My surf uncle Jonny Hokklo I think- we laugh the most about stupid stuff.

What do you do to wind down      
I wish I was capable of winding down, but if I had to pls refer to the "Fav Wine" Question

What is the nicest thing you ever did for a girl
I hope that I have yet to do the nicest thing I will do for someone someday regardless of their gender identity. 

What is the nicest thing you ever did for your mom
I texted her to ask and she hasn't responded...I thought maybe it was moving out of her house but she said "that broke her heart" :(

Dream Car

1995 Land Cruiser. I bought it last year

What's it like having a twin    

Oh! Taylor! Lovely Lady she is. It was interesting to say the least to come of age in tandem with someone especially of the opposite sex (def wanted to kiss her friends in High School) It is sort of like having any other sister except she is 7 minutes older than me. We both found our own interests and our parents are to thank for pushing that. My dad did try to dress us in matching outfits once when we were toddlers but he wound up putting me in her clothes and vice versa; I think it was a yellow v neck and some floral tights. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy now and gives me advice when I injure myself- We love to talk about where we go shopping... I should call her actually  

What are you eating for din dins      
Honestly probably a bodega sandwich since I never got the black bean sauce to replicate the Mission Chinese thrice cooked bacon and rice cake dish. I miss it so much  (do the right thing, Danny )