Julian Paik

Where are you from

What did you eat for breakfast
a bowl of birthday cake timbits (shout out Canada)

How do you stay motivated to work out and run
want a hot little body-ody while I’m here

Tell me how you started to bake

i was living on Ludlow st and couldn’t find a decent loaf of bread to buy

Why only sourdough?
I’m a one trick pony. I also like to think it’s better for you than other breads?

Tell us how we can buy your bread
@breadbrose baby! Slide into those DMs with an order. And at Sandy Liang store! 28 Orchard St is the plug on saturdays

Do you listen to music when you run
YES. Ranges from Atlanta rap and emo punk

Favorite thing about baking
that i get to bake bread for people !!

Skincare advice?
drink water and actually wash your face

Will you do a workout video for me and Kathy?
only if it’s an aerobics video and we’re all wearing matching gear

When are you happiest
after eating a delicious bowl of spaghetti

Describe your morning routine
watch my dog poop and pee and be very happy about doing it

Describe your bedtime routine
try not to fall asleep on the couch watching the great British baking show

What do you do when you're having a bad day
smoke a fat ass j and put my music on too loud

What makes you laugh hardest
my favorite episodes of the office. And dumb dog videos

Who do you call the most

What do you eat with your bread?  Jam? Cheese? Naked?

all of the above. And i do it naked.