Melena Lipman

 What do you miss the most about Shanghi
KTV karaoke! and all of the beautiful Temples.

First aim screen name
@melenalip... my dad made it for me. 

Favorite 3 places to eat right now
Mission Chinese pop up, Les Enfants de Boheme and Essex Market.

Favorite dish from one of the above
SHISO FRIED RICE!! (Mission Chinese)

One movie you wish you were in

Something you miss from high school
Uhhhh... there's not much. But I do miss going to 'Heaven' which is now called 'Elevated Acre' a secret garden on Water Street in the Financial District. I smoked my first cigarette at Heaven.

What do you do to unwind
Do my nails, walk around, visit my friends at Procell, hot yoga and Renew Day Spa II.

What did you eat for breakfast
Bagel Bunny 

Favorite nails in the past yr
Lately I'm obsessed with doing camo nails on myself:

BUT my favorite nails of ALL TIME are:
NYC Balenciaga bag reference hand painted by none other than... Naomi

What does it take to be a Melena Muse?
You just gotta be awesome, like #NedVena.