Danny Bowien

What did you eat for breakfast
I know it’s the most important meal of the day, but I usually skip breakfast. I had some really wonderful Taiwanese Mountain Tea. For lunch I’m about to eat some steamed cabbage, olive oil fried eggs, kimchi & rice.

What was your first aim screen name

One movie you wish you were in

Favorite 3 places to eat right now
Scarr’s Pizza
Sushi Yasuda

What are you working on right now
I’ve been trying to watch all 3 Seasons of Gomorrah along with the movie. It’s so good, but I have to watch out when Sara’s not home bc she refuses to watch!

What do you do to unwind
I love to exercise: Soulcycle, Corepower. I also really love cooking for friends and playing guitar.

Your favorite food to get delivered
I love getting Korean food delivered, and right now I’m really into:
SGD / SO Gong Dong
Spicy Beef Soondubu- heat level spicy, add egg. Its sooooo good,

Something you miss from high school
Lunch break- I grew up in Oklahoma and I remember we got to leave campus for our 45 min break. We would all try to see how far we could go and complete a meal and get back to school in time- I believe the farthest I made it was to the Hometown Buffet, but I always loved China Wok. So many speeding tickets…

Favorite song to play on your guitar
Very Cool Answer: Emily by From First to Last (Skrilex’s old screamo band)
Less Cool Answer: I’m really into John Mayer, probably Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.

When are you making beans for me next
They’re gently simmering as I write this.